Hidden in the Amatole Mountains

A quiet place to step away

And remember the magic of life


A Soul Full place,
to connect with the Source and find inspiritation in all this life surrounding us.

Lyn Spirit Eagle

Shaman, Artist extrodanaire, Soul doctor, Deep Spirit Counseling, JourneyWork Teacher.

Julian Y'mba ימב”א

Jewish Shaman, Quantum Kabbalist, Spiritual Relationship Counsellor, Meta-thinker.


We believe that there is another aspect of life besides that which we see with our senses, another Reality, that is perhaps truer than the one we live in, nevertheless, at least as important - and often more nourishing, and useful.

Thus we live our lives as aware of this element as much as we are able, not forgetting that we are still human, with all our faults and gifts.

We live in gratitude for the abundance that surrounds us, and the immensity of blessings that are poured upon us every momen of our lives, that make being a conscious being in this pleroma possible - even if consciously aware of only an infitisimally small portion of it.

We invite you to share this journey with us. To visit, or come spend some time working in this inner/outer space - the non-rational aspect of both our own lives and the universes workings around us.

Vision Quests, Sweats, Full-moon ceremonies, Shaman festivals, Journeying and other such events are held here - but those are the trumpet calls.

What we really want to share with you is our belief in a different way of living with one another and the sentient and non-sentient beings around us. A way that includes this alternate realm - which is, in essence, the spiritual realm - in our lives. One in which we relate to it as real and alive - which is it - with a very clear and known effect on us all - just not always predictable!

Dreaming in the Amatole Mountains

Hogsback,Eastern Cape, South Africa

+27(0)83 231 3704



Contact Information

8 Tor Doone Lane, Hogsback, Eastern Cape 5721, South Africa
+27 (0)45 962 1028
+27 (0)83 226 5482
[email protected]

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