The mystery of death.

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On the one hand the purveyor of all evil in this world, the signifier of all impurity. Yet only by overcoming death can we enter into the mystical realm. It is a hero’s journey, in which we have to pass through the valley of death, and emerge, with faith, and G!d at your side. Only by encountering the energy of death, and overcoming it by choosing life, by finding what means more to you than death.

Thus I ask, “What is that?”

I thought it was my children. And I left them.

I thought it was love. But I have too many ashes now on the altar of love.

I thought it was G!d. But I am tired of calling into the cold night as I struggle through my own blind darknesses.

I almost said, “Call into the night and receive no response”. But that is not true. All the time You respond to me. And you gifted me with the beauty of psalm CXXXIX.

Fuller Diamond Body

Songs of Joy

Within the fluid harmonies

That form the music of the spheres,

You searched for me

And, having found me,

You knew me.


With the harmonies all around,

You search for me

And you know me


Whatever path I walk

You enclothe me

You already know

All my ways.


When I descend

And when I rise,

You know me.

You understand my thoughts

Before I think them.


As the energy from behind,

And in front, You try me.

Cloaked in your Divine Web,

You laid Your hand on me

Such knowing is too much,

Too wonderful. It is so high,

I cannot attain it.


Where can I not be in Your presence?

Where are You not?


If I ascend to the heavens,

Or make my bed in the earth

You are there.


Were I to have had the wings of the morning

Or dwelt in the depths of the ocean,

I would still be held by your hand.


Even the darkness

cannot hide

from You.

Night shines like day,

For the darkness

And the light

Are both the same

to You


When I was enshrouded

In Darkness

And it covered me

Then even the Dark

Will be as light

Around me.


You laid the tracks

Of my life,

Just as I emerged

From the womb of

my mother.


I am fear-

fully and




Your works are

so awesome.


My soul knows very well


I will praise You

And lift my voice and body

In songs of Joy.

  — Yehuda – inspired by Psalm CXXXIX

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