Having all my life been a participant in two aspects, in two versions of everything, my life, as experienced by me into my latter years, has also been, what one might refer to as "binary", or another, perhaps more appropriate term, would be polarised - as in bi-polar. Being born Jewish in an essentially Christian culure, growing up white in an essentially black society, living with a firm and unbounded belief in G!d, or a superior intelligence that is the source of every manifest thing, the Creator, amongst a family who were firmly athiest. Living for a long time in Israel and the U.S., essentially in self-imposed exile, to return to a place very different from the one I grew up in - a stranger in a familiar land. Always split and yearning for somewhere else, so it has been in my life and my work, though, for many years, that other, esoteric side was hidden or kept seperate.

So, on the one hand I was working and have become an expert computer and IT person, with many years of varied and deep experience in many aspects of the computer, both front-end and back-end, software and hardware, operating systems and networking, security and communications, and many others.

While on the other hand, there was an explorer of other realms, and the other of our lived experience, that never ceased, never tired, and was always awed and amazed by this incredible world in which we live. This exploration brought me deeply into the realms of mysticism and entheogenic explorations.

While still young, the Kabbalah caught my attention, and that has continued throughout my life to be an abiding passion and area of exploration. It always provided me a center, something to mark and judge many other similar cosmologies. Through its ancient, could hold its center, and from that place I was able to explore and experience other ways of encountering the Divine, many of which enhanced my understanding and practice.