Calling your Spiritual Guide

  • Guides come to guide you; they are not in charge. 
  • You are!
  • You are not their boss. They are their own bosses.
  • Guides are numinous embodied energies that come to assist you.    
  • Embodied as a recognizable being, they arrive in many shapes and sizes.
  • It does not matter what culture a person comes from, angels, jaguars, wolves, porcupines, phoenixes, can appear.
  • The shape they come in tells us something of the nature of the energy they bring to assist us, or what it is we need to work with...
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Artists of the Spirit

  • "The breath, the vessel about me, a quickening, moves down, in. 
  • The many coloured flames in a circle were a surprise and delight as I entered my sanctuary
  • A long, copper serpent set on a wall covered with the blood red leaves of fall.
  • The serpent had a fin all down its back. I called it the Copper Fossil serpent. 
  • I was nervous about this snake. The whole area felt of snake…"
  • Our inner journeys abound with metaphors, synecdoches and hue filled images from our psyche.
  • The allegories of our inner landscape are of assistance to us in our manifestation from the intangible into the tangible.  
  • Our inner journeys abound with metaphors, synecdoches and hue filled images from our psyche.
  • With discernment, we can throw a bridge across the chasm that separates the sublime from the density of the 3D world;  
  • we can shape shift our way of life on the planet ...  
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And what about Shamans?

Capable of Causing eclipses by Swallowing the Sun
  • Shamanism has blossomed these past years and rightly so, as it is very needed on our Earth at this time..
  • But what of the shamans? How do we know who is real, who is true? 
  • As I have walked this path, I have come across many shamans, 
  • shamans from indigenous cultures who may have been great healers but have taken advantage of the energy of others, 
  • while other shamans who have not been initiated into any particular culture, but they are impeccable in their work.
  • Some shamans are full of ego, some have incredible gifts and talents, and some are just for show ... 
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