And what about Shamans?

Capable of Causing Eclipses by Swallowing the Sun

Shamanism has blossomed these past years and rightly so, as it is very needed on our Earth at this time. But what of the shamans? How do we know who is real, who is true? As I have walked this path, I have come across many shamans, shamans from indigenous cultures who may have been great healers but have taken advantage of the energy of others, shamans who are not initiated into any particular culture, but they are impeccable in their work. Some shamans are full of ego, some have incredible gifts and talents, and some are just for show. There are techno shamans, ceremonialists, shamans who live in wildness, and some work quietly at home. Many are good healers, and some are better teachers. There are shamans who will not be called shaman, preferring another name, and some who do not care what others call them. We all have the archetypal shaman healer inside us, but not everyone is called to work this way on the outside, to totally BE that very Nature.

To do this requires fortitude and many years of training with teachers. This is an imperative action. I am very grateful to my teacher...forever, as she has helped me grow into myself, and she has blessed me with the energy of her lineage, filling me to this day.

Shamans are wounded healers, humans; everyone has been through trauma and pain. It is this experience and wisdom that helps them expand and connect with the one who needs their help and assistance. But here is the caveat, it is essential that they continue to do their own work too, it is absolutely necessary that they clean out their own thoughts, their own inner landscapes and continue to clear their non desirable patterns. Otherwise they run the risk of falsity, of over empathy, and thus holding clients energy down instead of releasing it.

As shamans, we are here in human bodies, and the more I do this shaman work, the more human I become. I am honoured.

Much love, 
Lyn Spirit Eagle.